Windows 10 display oddity


Just upgraded to Windows 10 on my laptop, and I notice that checkmarks are kinda bizarre…

Text and other graphic elements seem OK. Quadro 2000M, most recent display drivers. Display is 1920 x 1080.

So far I like Windows 8.1 more than 10.


mitch, I have no idea if this will help but in windows 10 there is a utility that you can run through where it sets the legibility of text for the user. not sure if you did that or not. my checks and all my text look super clear and crisp in the display window you have shown. I am on a 4k monitor so they are small but I can still see that they are very clear. my checks on the osnaps though even on 4k look like yours. it looks like rhino needs a higher resolution check.

Have you had any trouble with the Quadro 2000m and Windows 10? I have a Lenovo W520 laptop with a hi res Dell display as my primary monitor. I occasionally get the Blue Screen of Death with an error message “DRIVER_IRQL_NOT LESS OR EQUAL (nvlddmkm.sys).” I’ve not found a good resolution to this problem other than completely removing the Nvidia driver and reinstalling the most up to date version 361.75.