Windows 10 Creators Update - REVISED - Fixed with V5 SR14

I was working with V6 WIP for the last few weeks and took my eye off of V5 and just discovered Creators Update automatically installed days ago and unfortunately can’t roll it back.

Just tried using raytrace render in display mode in V5 using a simple single object with a ground plane and Rhino hangs.

Further. Simple scene (above) with a single diameter object. Turn ground plane on, try adjusting ground plane color from 255,255,255 to 240,240,240 and it hangs on entering the last three numbers.

Just checked to see if video driver could be updated and I get a message that I’ve got the latest update.

To be clear…In my particular case, it looks with the ground plane turned “on” and a change to the ground plane color causes Rhino to hang.


Hi Jim - something like this

does not work?


Hi Cal-

Thanks…unfortunately, the update has been installed for more than 10 days so that option to roll back is no longer available on my computer.


Ugh… I did not know they cut you off at all, I guess I’ve never had to deal with a rollback in real life. 10 days seems a bit short.


Yeah…I can’t recall a time when I would have had to uninstall an update – spoiled, I guess, or lulled to sleep ; )


Can you clarify what you mean by, “The real fix will probably be Rhino V6, but that will not work for users with V5 plug-ins that will not be updated.”? Thanks.

He means that there are some users that have stated that they will not update to V6 because certain third-party plug-ins will not be recompiled for V6 and thus won’t work in it - notably stuff like T-Splines… There are lots of threads here on this subject.


Have you tried restore points?

Yeah, that won’t cut it. I’ll drop the whole stuff and will learn some other thing if this happens.

Another good reason for me not to update my Windows 8 installs to Windows 10… :smile:

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It looks like there is a Rhino fix in the works. It will require reviving the mothballed V5 build process (no small feat), but we understand the problem and are confident we can fix it.
Too early to make a guess as to when it will be ready.


That’s good to hear :wink:

You’ll have to go to the dentist eventually!

Yeah, as soon as the dentist is able to clean and fix teeth rather than putting more holes in them… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Thanks Mitch. Perhaps I should have clarified the question, but I didn’t want to limit the scope of answers. Indeed I have a number of plugins (including T-Splines) that may be affected that my business depends on. But I also wanted to know if there were other perhaps less obvious issues with the Creators Update, like issues with Rhino itself that @John_Brock was aware of. But as I see from his more recent post there is a fix in the works so it’s likely a moot point.

As an aside, before I saw this thread, I did receive (and roll back) the innocuously labelled Update 1703 (which turned out to be the Creator’s Update). After the update was fully installed, on second reboot my desktop interface was completely black and the only element I could see was the mouse pointer (perhaps they should have named the update Creator’s Update Windows At Night /EDIT: or Windows: Panic Mode). After this the only way I found to get to the option of booting into Safe Mode was by interrupting the boot sequence with the power switch three times (F8 doesn’t work on Windows 10). However Windows did not recognize any of my keyboards and thus safe mode was inaccessible through this method (I could see the option but I couldn’t activate it). Long story short (skipping a few steps), I had another administrator user account that I was able to boot into and activate the recovery mode there. This black screen behaviour happened to every user account on the second boot. So one gets a single chance to fix the problem once per user account as the recovery options were only available from a normal desktop (I could not get Windows Settings to launch for me in Safe Mode).

So if anyone is considering getting the Creators Update, I have some recommendations you may wish to consider:

  1. Make a full backup of your computer.
  2. Create at least one other administrator user account before you install the upgrade.
  3. Immediately after installation (first boot into the desktop) set a restore point. That way if you get a black screen, you can still get back to the desktop again by restoring to a point before your second administrative account got the black screen.
  4. Creating Administrative accounts after the update will not work (see below).
  5. If you need to roll back, as mentioned in other posts in this thread, you have ten days to do so otherwise it’s permanent (unless you have a backup).

Worth noting:

  • I found that while in Safe Mode, I could not launch the Recovery interface for rolling back the OS. Neither was the option available through a command prompt (in other words unless one has access to a normal desktop they’re hosed ASFAIK).
  • Any administrative accounts added after the Creators Update needs to be deleted before rolling back the OS. So even if one is able to get into Safe Mode and create another administrator account, accessing a normal desktop is useless because you can’t delete the user account you are in. Unless that account was created before installing the update, one won’t be able to roll back.
  • In Safe Mode I tried disabling non-Microsoft services from MSCONFIG, updating video drivers, and unplugging all peripherals. None of this had an effect on the black screen. Brand-new, clean administrative accounts had the same issue on second boot so I never did figure a fix before rolling back.
  • A quick Google search revealed I wasn’t the only one having similar issues but I’m not sure the issue is that widespread. But it’s worth taking precautions if you’re considering the upgrade.

I can completely understand why some people are reluctant to upgrade their OS. I have a small business and I spend far more of my time maintaining and backing up my Windows computers than I’d like. For me, updating/ upgrading always feels a bit like playing Russian roulette.

We’re making progress on this problem.
I have an in-house build of V5 with the changes running under Windows 10 Creator’s Edition at high screen resolution, and so far the Layer dialog and the false color analysis mode tools (Emap, Zebra, etc.) are working correctly again.
There are a couple new details to think through but we’re clearly making progress towards a V5 SR14 update.


Worth mentioning:

You can reach the system recovery interface with an external boot device, being it a DVD or an USB stick.

If you have a DVD ROM, keep a copy of the bootable installation DVD. If you don’t, build the recovery media:

Fantastic news John, Please keep us posted.

Hello John,

thanks for this “hack” it helps in my case and layers are now working properly.

I have a tip for you if I may… Would be posible to write some “NOTICE: Please be advice do not instal W10 creators update otherwise it will …” in the main Rhino’s startup window with notifications which appears after turning the Rhino up? Would be really nice to have a chance to avoid these problems next time, because it takes me whole day to get here and find a right solution…

Best wishes,