Windows 10 2004 update problem

Good morning all,
my pc was updated to last windows 10 release (versione:2004, os build: 19041.264).

now I cannot use rhino, when I launch it freeze at start.

I also try to update my nvidia Quadro m5000 driver but without success.

Have you the some issue??? there is a solution???

I try in safe mode anche rhino start… have you suggestion???

Thak you all

Hello - do you mean you were not able to update, or that you updated the driver and it did not help? One thing to try is to run a Repair on the Rhino installation from the Windows control panel.


I HAVE solved with a new installation of last driver from nvidia…
Before I have installed an Autodesk certified drivere but rhino not work…
now with last driver from nvidia site all work correctly.
Thank you.
best regards