Window sky-/underlight

Hi, is it possible to create a vaWindow with an sky-/underlight without the use of grasshopper or block definition?

Hi @bjornsmolarek,

Without a block or Grasshopper what you can achieve is similar to what you can see in the styles that come with the templates. I would need to see what you want to create, but probably it will not be possible.

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i need a windows e.g. like on the picture but when i create a parametric grasshopper window (I tried multiple ways but when the window get complex) it is very slow when inserting / drop.

Is it normal when a window is copied into a another wall that it is not connected to the wall or does not move with it when the wall is moved?

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Hi @bjornsmolarek ,

If the Grasshopper definition is complex it could be slow when inserting the object, because it continues to recompute. This is something that we plan to fix.

In the VisualARQ template you will find at least the first three types of windows in your image, and maybe in VisualARQ Styles section in Food4Rhino you can find others more advanced.

If you cannot find them, then using blocks or Grasshopper is the only way.

Regarding your second question, it looks like a bug, could you send the model to

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since I no longer have the file, I tried to reproduce the bug but without success. I updated visualarq once or twice and either the bug was fixed or it was a coincidence. If the bug occurs again I will send the file to asuni.

Thanks for the information, then I’ll use a trick for the time being to speed up the insertion of the windows. (insert a simple window and then switch to the actual complex window)

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