Window Selection Changes With Zooming

Hello all, I recently was trying to select some parallel objects along all my document that were close to others.

So what I did was use a window selection, I zoomed in to make sure to select just the virtual rectangle my objects were in, then I zoomed out to be able to move faster across the document (as my objects are very far apart).

What happened is that the markee created changed width and possibly start point.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Shynn - I’m not sure if I completely follow - were you zooming and panning while the mouse button was down and drawing the selection rectangle?

(BTW, in V6/WIP, you can drag the selection window to the edge of a viewport and the view will pan automatically while you select - that might be what you’re looking for?)


Hey Pascal,

While pressing the mouse button to create a selection window, because of the fact that I cant pan while creating the selection window, I zoomed out and then I zoomed in near to the place the selection window needed to reach. This causes the starting point of the selection window to change position.

So suppose I have 3 lines of arrayed objects and I just need to select the mid ones. The vertical distance between these three lines is very small. So I zoom in to make a selection window, and then I zoom out to zoom in again at the end of the array. My selection rectangle has now changed starting point, and its touching the upper arrayed objects.

Hi Shynn - so far this zoom-out-zoom in routine seems to work as I think you are describing it in the V6/WIP and not in V5…


Hi, I’m using Rhino 7 and have the same issue: when I zoom in to select objects and then zoom out selection rectangle shifts