Window selecting turns geometry black

In the last two WIPs the following is happening.

When I window select (i.e LMB click-and-drag - no matter which direction) in the viewport (both parallel and perspective) geometry turns black. Since not everybody is seeing this I have now checked on another PC and this is repeatable there.

Then I found out that this is display mode dependent… So here is my display mode: wrmd.ini (11.6 KB)

Some pictures:
Regular view:

LMB dragging in the viewport:

LMB dragging and hitting the geometry:

In more complex scenes the blackness is not universal (limitations in dark matter…):



Hi Wim - thanks, I see this as well - and, if I move the view after selection, it sorts itself out. Hm. Still poking…

It looks like it is related to the new ‘Linear workflow settings’ in the mode.

@andy or @jeff - any idea? If set ‘Linear workflow’ to ‘Use render settings’ the black goes away but I still get a color change on window select that goes back to normal if I move the view.


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I’m seeing it with Wim’s display mode…We’ll get it fixed up.


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