Window doesn't show title bar color

The title bar of the V8 window doesn’t show the accent color.
It’s always white when V8 has the focus:

Windows is configured to show the accent color on title bars (blue in my case).
All other programs do display correct when they have the focus.

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It looks like V8 doesn’t have the focus.
This is confusing.

Perhaps @Gijs has a comment?

It doesn’t look like this here on win 11, The top bar is dark, and when not in focus, the text gets grayed out. On Win 10 however, this doesn’t seem to work correctly. I’ll ask what’s possible. I see some other apps also override the title bar color even if set explicitly in Windows settings, so suspect that this is done in Rhino as well.
RH-75189 Rhino title bar on windows 10 looks always out of focus

On Windows 10 Pro it is also possible to select a “Dark Mode”. I would expect Rhino’s titlebar to respect THAT color and be dark (same color as the taskbar) if the user has selected “Dark” in Windows 10 Pro.
It would also be nice if the background in Panels such as “Help” could be inversed = White text on Dark.

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Update: This is still an issue in Version 8 SR5 - (8.5.24051.15001, 2024-02-20). It makes Rhino look “unprofessional”, so if it is an “easy-fix”, please fix it soon. Inversed text/background in the Help Panel and Titlebar respecting til users selected Windows Dark/Light theme in Windows 10 Pro as a minimum.

“spot the looneys” :slight_smile: