Wind Factors and Annual Wind Velocities Calculation


Hi Patrick, and the team

I wanted to re-open this conversation about the WFA (Wind Factors) as well as the Annual Wind Velocity calculation.

I am trying to validate a similar workflow I am working on using Python. So far the WFA factors match perfectly, but I haven’t been able to match the Annual Velocities. In a different post, you mentioned that the Annual Velocities are calculated matching the Wind Factors for a specific orientation (hourly) and then multiplied by the weather EPW file wind speed, is this right or am I missing something?

Attached is the comparizon of the results using GH, Python and Eddy.

PD: Tried to attach the file directly but didn’t work.

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@eddy3d Any update on this?


Juan Arango

Hi @,
Download of wetransfer expired.
Zip your files and attach them here directly on discourse.

Hi @djordje

Discourse doesn’t allow me to upload files, but here is the OneDrive link

Hope you can guide me on this one,


@djordje @eddy3d

Any update on this?


Hi @Juan_Arango ,
Sorry for the late reply. I remember I opened the .gh file, and there was a plugin not installed on my PC (MetaHopper), so I just closed the .gh file and forgot about it.
I see you have some internalized values from Eddy simulation.
So you defined 8 wind directions (colored in Green).
Why are there 30 values per each wind direction (colored in Orange)?

Hi @djordje

There are 30 analysis points per orientation. So the data tree is 30 points * 8 Wind Directions.

Let me know if having a short call would be better to solve this question,



Hi @Juan_Arango ,
The GH vs Eddy values do look strange.
I would open a new issue ticket about it here: