Wind digester

so i am trying to create openings like this on my facade

using the hexagonal cells …but i am not sure how to loft it as such

based on the tutorial that i am following i need to create contours through my centroids, but i cant seem to do that.

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These look like loft between a polyline (red) and a line (yellow).

Not sure you can adapt it directly with hexagons. Here is an idea based on the grid, you may be looking for the yellow contours ? (10.8 KB)

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but will this be possible to extract on my very curvilinear surface?

Oops, try to change the dot product test against Z, not X. (9.0 KB)

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yuuuppp got ittt!..Thank you

Any idea on how to get the vertical lines throughout the surface, for the loft ?

since the lines dont seem exacly straight?

wind digester (19.0 KB)


Maybe with Fit Line… Explode the polyline to get the points.

Or offset your surface by the facade depth, and extract an isocurve near each polyline.

It’s hard to help without the file !

FACADE.3dm (14.5 MB)
how do i work it around this surface?

this is exactly what i need but around a closed surface

Just draw a round polyline, then use it to orient the pieces

could you help me orient it into this surface?
FACADE.3dm (14.5 MB)

Hi, I did this with a different approach. Imagine plain rectangular fins and then deforming those fins on edge points in different directions. I hope it helps!

wind (17.0 KB)

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