Wind component

I need to know how I can apply the “h” here. what is that?. I haven’t any separated surface t

o have different height. so, how I can apply different height. its I think for applying different height of lateral load. please help me.

My problem is that, what is H in marked place? I only have a tower with some geometric patterns as element. my patterns are nor ordinary patterns.

You haven’t identified the components/plugin in your image and you haven’t posted any code.

You haven’t said which component it is, or which plugin.
Have you read its description at least?
Why don’t you publish a definition with the component?
Why do I waste my time with such bad questions?

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Is this kangaroo ?

Seems like Karamba to me…

It’s not Kangaroo, and I don’t recognise those components from Karamba either. Looks like some other plugin…

This is the new component with name “WS-Snake” its only for finding applying different amount for wind pressure to building. its not in karamba. but I only use that to apply different amount of horizontal wind according their height of tall building. I det

I determined the plugin name with red pencil.

not kangoro. I use that to connect to load component in karamba.

Have you tried the eMail address ( that’s on the F4R page for this plug-in?

Yes I download it from F4R

Did you contact the author by eMail?

Ok, I try to contact with email u mentioned here. than you so much.