Wind bend bamboo Kangaroo

Hi, I have a quick question with Kangaroo. When I was triying to use a polyline representing an elastic pipe (for example, bamboo) and then connecting it to wind force, it seemed that the component only accepted meshes. I was wondering if there could be any way to simulate the bending of a curve when there’s wind?

Here’s what you can do: draw your curve and create a mesh pipe with Multipipe that represents the volume of your “bamboo”. A rigid point set on each control point of the curve ties the mesh vertices to the control points of the curve. When the wind force is applied to the mesh pipe, it transforms the control points too. Use the rod goal to control the stiffness. (25.1 KB)

In addition to Matrin’s demo see attached as well (for complex structures - where we assume that any individual rod doesn’t bend [as in real-life]) (134.7 KB)

Notify if you want a full C# on the above - where a lot of LOL things could/may happen.