Win a Quadro M6000 in the Iray for Rhino content competition

Dear Rhino users

We are launching a content competition for cool demo content created in Rhino and rendered with the Iray for Rhino plugin. The winner will receive a brand new Quadro M6000 that unleashes massive computing power for your workstation, giving you a great productivity boost. See for more information.
So show us some great content that shows off the advantages of using a physically based renderer, whether it is a really cool concept art, product design, interiors – your imagination is the only frontier.

Competition rules

  • You must have the right to the content that you enter for the competition.
  • The winning entry is available to us as a scene file so it can be used as demo content in tradeshows or renderings of the work will be used in marketing materials.
  • Feel free to enter with more than one contribution to increase your chances of winning.
  • Deadline is 15th of March
  • Post your results in this thread, we will notify the winner.

Where to get the Iray for Rhino plugin

Once everything is done, you will receive a confirmation email where you will also find the download instructions for the betaversion of Iray for Rhino.

Additional Resources
We recommend installing the NVIDIA vMaterials catalog that is a collection of real-world materials described in the NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL). This material catalog free and can be used in any of your projects. See for more information

We are looking forward to your participation!
Rüdiger Raab & the NVIDIA Iray for Rhino Team

15th march ? A little to short I think :slight_smile: I would love to participate but have a lot of work to do (rendering work).

Hi Maciej,

sorry to hear. I know, that this is a short turnaround. We are still hoping to get some people interested, especially the outlook of a Quadro M6000 is not bad.

Best Regards,


I would like to inform you that the deadline for the competion has been extended. New deadline is 27th of March. So if you have time at your hands, feel free to participate.

Best Regards,

Cool - I’ll do something - I like that quadro :slight_smile:


I enrolled for the beta and registered in the forums, how long it takes to receive the e-mail with access to beta software?