Win 10 october 2018 update


I just installed that Win 10 october 2018 update on my Dell M6700 mobile workstation. ( 16 Gb RAM, Quadro K3000M, I7-3740)
I have the feeling that RH 5 got really slow in rendered and shaded mode, while of course I can´t compare anymore. I have already installed the latest Quadro drivers.
Anybody else having problems ?

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Hi - did you install these after installing the Win update? That update might have messed with the display drivers.
Also, do you also have an Intel GPU in that machine?


yes I installed the display driver after that update.

Core I7-3740 must be Intel- or?

Oops, Intel

GPU, no idea, Quadro K3000M

Look at the Windows’ Device Manager:

Thanks! A single GPU then.

One thing you could try is to do a “clean” install of the NVIDIA display drivers - i.e. not simply installing the latest drivers but uninstalling current driver before installing again. This process is described by @jeff in this thread:

Make sure to include step 4 of the uninstalling process!

Thanks a lot. Seems that there was something wrong with the new driver. In the end Rhino was not even starting… Now it works.

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