Will we ever get layouts PDFed in Ghosted with Text as Text?

I’d like my plots to looks like this:
300 raster.pdf (645.7 KB)

But have searchable text like this:
300 vector.pdf (126.6 KB)

With detail objects not being in the model space.

In your Raster PDF, what object are you using as the blue and pink rectangle? Are these just surfaces and then the Display mode set to Ghosted? Which PDF printer are you using?

Yep, all colored objects are surfaces and display mode set to ghosted in layouts. I used pdf995, PDFWriter/CutePdf, Bluebeam, Bullzip. Same result.

Also, You have to plot every page individually to render ghosted mode (solvable with script?). So, if you plot a few layouts at once, only active one will render ghosted. The rest will render as wireframe while still being in ghosted. Is that intentional?

Maybe you could export the ghosted surfaces first, then the vector lines and overlap them in AI or so.

Obviously it implies more work and inefficiency.

You could also use light colored hatches instead of colored surfaces.

Is it something like this that you’re looking for? Vector.pdf (55.1 KB)

^ Yes! How was that achieved?

Hatches are nearly impossible to manipulate as opposed to surfaces. Can’t trim 'em, merge them, split them, add control points etc…

Here are my settings in case this helps

I am using PDF995 but I see you mentioned it. Otherwise, I am on V5 SR13.

^ Is your geometry in layout space though?

Version 5 SR12 64-bit
(5.12.50810.13095, 8/10/2015)

Oh yes, missed that part! My geometry is in model space. The text is on the Layout though.

Yeah, I know it’s achievable using Details, but I don’t want to keep my “details” (red and blue surfaces) in the Model space.

The wish is NOT to have to use detail and move geometry to Model space.

I’ve created the wish item. Just out of curiosity and to complete the report, why do you prefer to have the geometry in Layout?

So if you make a change you only have to do it in one place…? (Ie. Model space)

Just a guess. I’m not OP; but that what I see as being the main drawback.
Admittedly ‘it’s not that hard’ but if you have A lot to do (ie long running architecture project) all the 'not that hard’s add up…

Because our models are huge and non-model geometry will be getting in the way or accidentally manipulated.
Also, we have like 20 pages of details on even medium sized projects and it’s easier to flip from page to page than pan in model space when working with them.

Model space:

Layout page:

PDF page:

Perfect, thanks for the details!

Thanks for attention! <3 Rhino.