Will RhinoCAM 2017 work with Rhino 6?

I am considering buying RhinoCAM 2017. Will this work inside Rhino 6 when it is released? How about the current Rhino WIP?

You should be asking Mecsoft, the creators of RhinoCam. Since the sdks are released for RhinoWIP, they should have the tools to make it work, but ultimately they are the ones who decide how to use their resources to develop future releases.

Well, I can only tell you how this has happened in the past with the transition from Rhino 4 to Rhino 5. That was somewhat problematic as Rhino 4 was 32 bit only and Rhino 5 was either/both 32 and 64 bit.

At the time, a new version of RhinoCAM compiled for V5 was not available until after the official release of Rhino V5. The RhinoCAM compiled for running in V4 (32 bit) should have theoretically run OK in V5-32 bit but there were problems; there needed to be an all-new compilation for V5/64 bit anyway. There was a cost for the “upgrade” (IIRC it was $300) even though the version of RhinoCAM had not changed.

I would not expect to run RhinoCAM 2017 in the WIP, as most plug-ins compiled for V5 do not run in the WIP/V6. So there will probably be some sort of newly compiled version available after V6 is released. When it will be available and whether it will cost something extra is not a question I can answer. I would certainly get an answer in writing from Mecsoft before buying…


Here’s what MecSoft replied:
Will RhinoCAM 2017 work inside of Rhino 6 when it is released? :

Yes, staying on AMS (Annual Maintenance Subscription) is always a good idea when it comes to new releases and support.

Will it work inside of the current Rhino 6 WIP “Serengeti”?

Not tested, no reason why it should not though.

AMS is $300/year.

“Not tested, no reason why it should not though.”

That would concern me. That’s a pretty big assumption.

Hi Abraham,

Rhino 5 plug-ins written in the C++ programming language will neither load nor run in Rhino 6.

RhinoCAM is such a plug-in.

Mecsoft will need to provide a Rhino 6-specific version of RhinoCAM.

Hope this helps.

– Dale