Will Random always be the same on every computer?

Will Random numbers (with the same inputs) always be the same, no matter which computer/system/grasshopper version I’m using?

It at least appears to be the same between different GH versions on the same Windows 10 computer.

If you want a different set of numbers, you can change the seed input. You can use a seed based on the current time to get a different set of numbers each time you run your script.

Here’s a couple of examples:


not really, I need to know, if I sent the same .gh file to many people, would they have the same random numbers output, or is it dependent on software/hardware they use?

I don’t find the discussion but I think David Rutten said it was .NET random.
And I tested it, it is.Net random
See this script 20000 randoms, no differences

random NET vs GH.gh (8.9 KB)


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I believe the answer to your question is yes. With the same inputs to the Random component, they will get the same outputs.

I get the same results as @jaymezd on the MacOS version of Rhino/Grasshopper (with the same inputs).


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