Will any work get lost after updating Rhino?

Updating Rhino 7, will anything happen to work in progress ex. compatibility issues potentially?

I have not lost any data when updating Rhino. My .3dm files are not disturbed. I will need to check if my modifications to the Rhino Properties list are kept but I think they are. Same with my button additions.


Hi Tina -

Rhino 7 reads files from Rhino 6 and there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues. That shouldn’t be any different if you use 3rd party plug-ins, but we have no way of knowing that for sure.

There are features in Rhino 7 that were not in Rhino 6 and the file format is different. If, for any reason, you need to also work in Rhino 6, Rhino 6 won’t be able to read the Rhino 7 files. When saving as a Rhino 6 file format from Rhino 7, some information might be lost.