Wiki now syncs with github

This is mostly for McNeel employees, but I realize there are some non-McNeel employees on this forum that also contribute to the wiki who may be interested in this feature…

Last week, I rebuilt our wiki server to use the latest version of dokuwiki. During this time I also set up a github repository that has the same contents as the wiki.

The github repository is located at

Every ten minutes, the wiki server automatically synchronizes any changes with the github repository. It doesn’t matter if you make your change on the wiki or directly on github, the content will synchronize.

This was done primarily to help localization people figure out exactly what has changed on the wiki recently. You should now be able to got to github and use compare urls to figure out which files have changed since a certain date in the past. For example, if you want to see what exactly has changed since July 1st, 2014 you would enter the following url

Can we commit translated pages directly through github now, instead of creating and editing them manually in the web browser?

Yes, pages edited on github will also be edited on the wiki. This may take up to ten minutes for the changes to show up since I have a scheduled job that performs the synchronization on that interval.

Thank you very much for this new tool, it will be very useful.
I noticed that entries in GitHub, older than 12 days ago, indicate the file that has been changed and the person who did so.
From 12 days ago until now, we can only see what has been done, (mainly edit from dokuwiki) and we need to click on each to see which file has changed.

Could you make it possible to see directely the page that has changed?

This could be done, but it would require quite a bit of careful effort on my part and I would rather get back to doing things like directly typing on Rhino. I would recommend that you use the “compare” style view in github which can be done with links like:

If you scroll down the page on with the above link, you’ll see all of the files that have changed and exactly which pieces of those files. If this ends up still being painful for you guys, then let me know and I’ll set aside a couple days to try and make the commit messages on github prettier.