Wierd Fillet Edge Behavior

I have a tube. I have created openings in the side of the tube. I need to fillet the edges of the tubes by a specified radius. I have two openings left that need to be filleted by 5-inches (using distance between rails). Presumably this is to avoid cable chaffing.

The selection does not show up well but in the first image I have selected the lowest opening at the right (same happens with the one at the left).

Then Fillet Edge gives this dividing down the tube.

Problem Fillet Edge 2.3dm (5.3 MB)

My guess would be the fillet crosses over the tube surface seam. You can use move surface seam to correct it.

Hi -
In addition to what @Stratosfear wrote, note that even if you turn the seam away from those holes, since the radius that you have chosen is slightly bigger than half of the space between those holes, the resulting fillets will overlap and fail. You can probably clean that up manually with a bit of work, or you could just pick a slightly smaller radius for those fillets.

Thanks, was able to get around this but I thought I would share for the weirdness. Apparently, this is expected behavior.