Wicker braid

Hello, everyone. I m new using grasshopper and I m modelling a shape in wicker. The last part of my shape should be a braid (first picture) that normally is used to closed this type of shape. I tried to model classically but it is soo time consuming and not very precise. I m thinking if is possible to use grasshopper but I don’t know how to start. I understood the logic behind the braid but I can produce only in 2d.
Do you have any advice, suggestions or examples? Thank you for your help.


Here a 2d versions modelled by hand

A 3d version but always not generate by grasshopper

The braid should start from these pipes

This is how the braid works. First up, second down third up and so on.

The shape is a truncated cone with a diagonal cut at the bottom.

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See if this helps…

wikcker_braid.gh (18.1 KB)


Wow! It’s amazing. I just finished to implement it into my grasshopper workflow and works great! thank you so much for your help!