Why working with a grasshopper increases the CPU temperature؟؟؟

When the grasshopper is running and working on the grasshopper screen, the CPU temperature rises sharply. Why? This can damage our hardware. Please specify what causes this and fix it, while programs such as AutoCAD even 3 dmax will not increase the CPU temperature in normal mode.

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2.80 GHz base speed and you are running it at 3.477 evidently overclocked that’s my guess, it can go up to 3.80 that processor but in turbo mode, not constant otherwise you’ll face those temps

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The reason your CPU is running hot is because it is working ( very hard for long)
Most likely you simply don’t have AutoCAD or 3sdmax doing long intensive computation.
If GH has a lot of computations to do , your CPU will be working hard and run hot.

GH is not responsible for regulating CPU temperatures your hardware is responsible for that.
Damage because of overheating is caused by the hardware related systems not regulating properly.

If -like @dvdrbls points out- you have the CPU overclocked you allow the system to cross certain safety thresholds and damage is more likely to happen.


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My laptop settings are factory default
And running the autocad program, etc. does not increase the temperature
If you notice (in the video above) another drawback is that the graphics card (gpu)uses its maximum capacity when running the Rhino program.

Umm that’s because autocad is mostly just sitting waiting for you to do something, and doesn’t make any real use of your video card. Rhino 6 does.

It’s not going to “damage” anything, as of about 15-20 years ago the CPU and GPU will throttle if it gets too hot, which happens ALL THE TIME on laptops doing anything more strenuous than browsing a static webpage.

I can see that you have chrome open, how many tabs? and the video player is also running, perhaps you should tun this test without any other program running and see how it goes, the default setting is some laptops are overclocked specially in some Asus Rog models