WHy won't these two objects join?

Hi, Not sure why boolean union or join commands aren’t working. Please help!fox earrings2.3dm (1.6 MB)

You’re trying to combine a mesh with an open polysurface. I suggest redrawing the pin, closing the polysurface using “UntrimHoles” and then try boolean union again.

Edit: Instead of redrawing you could also use the Meshtonurbs command if you don’t feel like spending time on it. But then the smoothness of that pin will be limited to the resolution of that mesh.

Hello Susan_Hughes,

I believe you could use the cap command on the open polysurface to make it a closed polysurface and then go to Mesh Tools and use the boolean union their. I concur with Siemen:

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Hi Susan - as pointed out, you cannot combine meshes and surfaces/polysurfaces directly. Fortunately in this case it is easy to ‘reverse engineer’ the pin (mesh) into a polysurface by creating a profile curve (red in my file) and Revolving it. Then you have two polysurfaces that intersect (I removed the hole in the lower object) and these can be trimmed to one another and joined or BooleanUnion-ed

fox earrings2_PG.3dm (248.2 KB)