Why won't these bezels Boolean?

Good morning! I am very curious if anyone can see why these bezels won’t Boolean? Didn’t work in Rhino6 (which is where my RhinoGold is), nor will it work in Rhino7.

The round ones Booleaned to the shank fine, and the side marquises did with the middle rounds fine, but then the center marquise and the side ones won’t join to the other rounds.

The curves from Intersecting are closed, which I thought was the real test for BooleanUnion success (besides just ClosedPolysurfaces obviously looking like they intersect).

Thanks for any help!
Problem Booleaning Bezels.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hello - I don’t know … it does look like it ought to work here.


I rebuilt all parts and it works.

I think it has to do with maybe not so clean modeling,
possibly direct editing and sub-surfaces going bad.

Problem Booleaning Bezels.3dm (4.1 MB)

Yep, it is a bit messy but it looks like it ought to work anyway.


Thanks for checking it out! Those bezels were built with the RhinoGold auto-bezel tool. They do seem to have problems way more often than just making them the old fashioned way.

Oh well, probably time to get MatrixGold…though I need a new car too.

Get a new car and grasshopper gold. GG is free (@food for rhino) and will do most everything you need it to.

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Ooh I will check that out; thanks!