Why this script doesn't work with cylinders, cones, or spheres?

Hi all, I’m new using grasshopper I’ve been trying to use this script with some basic volumes, but when I try to use it with cylinders, cones, or spheres why is the reason that it doesn’t work?

Anemone .gh (14.1 KB)

I took a quick look at the script, it uses planar polygon faces to work. Try inputting a cube. A sphere has no face.

I try the cube already I know it works with the cube. How do I change it to work with the cylinder or the cone?

You have to think a whole new algorithm. But first, you should think what that your end result looks like. The existing logic simply breaks with curved surfaces. Maybe you can try modelling what you want in Rhino, for example, start with a sphere, then model what step/iteration 1 would look like, then step 2.

People will be able to help you once you know what you want.

Ok, thank I’ll try that.

The whole algorithm needs some optimization. You should just work with meshes here, instead of breps/polysurfaces, unless you really want curvature.

You can for example try using a Mesh Sphere.

Also, if you want to experiment and get different results, I recommend this plug-in.

It has GH components too, to pick any polygon you want (Mesh).

I have only made obvious optimizations, like eliminating some unrequired operations like joins, and using curves when possible. I strongly suggest you try to change it to only work with meshes and not brep faces. (The loft operation takes too long).

Anemone_re.gh (18.7 KB)

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