Why the curve doesn't show?

I am trying to practice the Nurbs Curve according to the tutorials, but why there is nothing to show? left side is from tutorial and right side is mine…

It seems you need to reference some points inside the smaller orange box! Right click on it and select Set Mutiple Points, then click a few times in the Rhino viewport.

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Thanks for your reoly, polforeman. It shows now!

But I am still curious why the tutorial doesn’t show any points like mine? Its Nurbs Curve is still created in Rhino… Is there some function to hide the control points?

After doing this,

if you look at Rhino Command you’ll see something like this:

If you don’t like to add points to Rhino document you can simply change the Type to Coordinate.

P.S. If you already select your points and don’t want to change them, you are able to right click on Point and select internalise data then manually delete the points from rhino document.


Maybe it is better to upload the gh file as well. Nurbs Curve.gh (7.7 KB)

Oh great! The function of internalise data is what I am also looking for. Thanks a lot!!