Why Rhino 6 saves large files

bandicam 2020-03-21 18-13-19-407 Why Rhino 6 saves large files

Hello - what non-default plug-ins are you using, if any? Can you run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results?


problem.txt (2.4 KB)

What are these “3B Nesne” files?
What is in them?
What is the application used for?
I’m guessing you may be using Rhino to do some sort of conversion but that’s just a guess.

Hello - thanks - I would look at EasyJewels as a possible source of file bloat.


Saves files larger each timebandicam 2020-03-21 18-13-19-407

ok thank you What do you suggest I do?

ı am ajewelery designer

Do these files contain meshes?
Are you trying to convert meshes to NURBS surface files?

I am not convert meshes to NURBS surface files

This problem has existed for a week.
There was no such problem before.


Hello - one test would be to -SaveAs SavePlugInData=No (with a dash in front, & to a new name of course) and see if the file size goes down and how much.


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Could it be that include textures in the material?
And if you save without textures?

Have you been using Snapshots by any chance?