Why picture(frame) does the job better than anything

i just noticed that the pictureframe discussion was closed before I had time to voice my experience.
I have used the picture command (previously known as pictureframe) since Rhino4 and one of the best things about picture is superiour sampling, the ability to have it in 3D and also have multiple images accessible at the click of buttons when I put them on layers.

Rotating, scaling and aligning them can be quickly done with the normal tools and the gimball can be used too.

And the materials opacity can be sat to 50% if it needs to be transparent.

So to me there is no looking back, and I use it a lot.

Yes, but as per the original post, that does not invalidate the concept of keeping BackgroundBitmap…


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Fortunately it is kept.


It does not, but I think it is important to step up and voice in favour of a choice to replace an older tool. Every tool in Rhino requires maintenance and all hours spent on similar tools should be eliminated if possible.
Keep it as simple as possible, but no simpler.
In this area it seems that picture is too simple for some and I fully respect that, I just wanted to voice up that I use Picture a lot and would not use BackgroundBitmap even if it was returned, since picture to me is superior.

I do of course not mind that it is in Rhino though and everybody should be happy now that it will be kept, I wasn’t aware of that.

Looks like you missed the entire point here, they are two different tools, one should not replace the other.


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Oh, I did not miss the point at all. But that is not the point :wink:
As I said, I have used them both for 20 years, but did the swap 10 years ago so I know how they differ very well :slight_smile:

But Nuff said, it was not my intention to start a new discussion and I guess I should have avoided starting a new thread. My bad!