Why (oh why) has Brian James' '3D Puzzle' file stopped working...?


Ahoy -

Until recently I’ve been using Brian’s splendid GH file (here; http://tips.rhino3d.com/2012/01/3d-puzzles-with-grasshopper.html) to start to learn / understand how GH works.

However, I can no longer get the thing to generate an output - clearly I’m being super-dim here, but I can’t see why it generates the following error:-


Running R5 64 & GH build 0.9.0062

Any help with this will be much appreciated!

Cin cin,



Upgrade to the Latest GH and see if it works? I seem to remember there was a bug in the Boolean operations which would fail if one of the shapes didn’t intersect the base object.

(Brian James) #3

Just tested it here and it’s working albeit with outdated components!

(Brian James) #4

Couldn’t resist… updated the definition with the newer components too.


Thank you all for the input - having loaded the latest GH build, I up & running.