Why OffsetS makes round corners?

offsetround.3dm (736.4 KB)
I don’t understand this behavior. How should I prevent this?
I attached the surface. Thanks!

Hi @Bogdan_Chipara,

'a bummer your question got skipped.

I wouldn’t be able to answer on behalf of mcneel, meaning my answer is potentially false, but it seems the offsetcrvonsrf command has a bug or lacks configuration (sharp vs round corners, like the regular offset).

Anyway, you probably solved it already, but if you simply use the plain ‘offset’ command, it works:


Hi @corellaman,

I was pointing this out because i bump into this bug or lack of configuration too many times. So i narrowed it down juts to have a clear example of the problem. Would be good if McNeel would look into it.

Yes, pain offset works.