Why isn't the creasesplitting command more accessible/visible?

again brushing the rust off, i totally forgot about creasesplitting when i revolved a surface and was rebuilding curves, re-revolving, resweeping, changing tolerances, redrawing my curves, simplifying, converting, display modes, the list goes on.

what about moving it into options somewhere so it’s not like a “hidden” option?

God be thanked, You can extend command’s with macro’s and start with RMB
Example Sweep 2:

now that i remember the setting and it’s global it’s not the big a deal to me, i was just suggesting since i saw a lot of questions about the same issue from other users.

Hi Ryan - it’s not heavily advertised because while useful on occasion it is a global setting and can lead to weird behavior and display if splitting is off.


oh, so it’s on by default?

i assumed that this was a fresh install i’m on. makes sense that it’s on by default now cause I was baffled why i couldn’t fix the display/editing issues.

disregard then. :wink:

Hi Ryan - The CreaseSplitting setting should be on, that is, creased surfaces should be split into polysurfaces. DivideAlngCreases is a different but related one-shot command that acts on selected objects to split them up if they are not. It optionally splits at tangents as well as creases.


good deal. thank you