Why isn't ArrayCurve working here?

ForHelp.3dm (3.6 MB)

So I projected one curve onto the surface and did ArrayCurve. I sort of understand why this wouldn’t work. but Im not sure how to fix it. Even with a Grasshopper script I can’t get it to work.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I’d make a surface like attached, array that along the curve and intersect with the red surface

ForHelp_sg.3dm (746.8 KB)

ForHelp_sg-2.3dm (3.5 MB)

Thanks for the reply but this gives me the same issue.

I see that it didn’t line up at 4 intersections, so it’s a matter of extending the surface a bit, or did I miss your point?ForHelp_sg-3.3dm (884.3 KB)