Why is the insert of Rhino's Rtree so fast

Hello everyone, I ran into a problem. I implemented R*Tree with c# components on grasshopper, and there was no Reinsert process. I generated 10,000 boxes, insert one by one, and then compared the operation speed. It turned out that Rhino’s Rtree insert was 10 times faster than mine, so I was wondering if the difference was between c++ and c#, or if there were additional optimizations, thanks

You can find the c++ implementation here opennurbs/opennurbs_rtree.cpp at 7.x · mcneel/opennurbs · GitHub

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Thank you very much, I didn’t expect opennurbs to have it, ha ha, I will go to have a look now

So rhinoceros uses the Quadratic splitting of rtree, why not use the better R*Tree