Why is texture not showing?

Two objects. A simple plane surface, and lofted surface. I applied the texture to both. It only shows in one. What am I doing wrong?

Hard to say without a file. Incompatible mappings used?


PIRU.3dm (1.8 MB)

I see this when opening your file

I think in the case of this polysurface it makes sense to apply simple planar mapping, yielding

Anyway, there seems to be a problem with the groundplane causing z-fighting. @jeff, @stevebaer


A scene with a single plane in it, with “Auto-adjust” Elevation ON for the ground plane is going to produce Z-Fighting… That’s just the way things are. If this is a popular workflow done by many, then perhaps @andy can try doing something about the Auto-adjust… otherwise, either turn the Ground Plane Off, OR turn Auto-Adjust Off and manually adjust the ground elevation, OR place another object in the scene and make it lower than the plane.


Raytraced bumps the groundplane ever so slightly to get around that. It’d be nicer if that were already done automatically, of course.

Right… which is why I think @andy needs to get involved. IMO, it would better that whatever is adjusting the elevation automatically, should be what tries to ensure that it’s not co-planar with objects in the scene.


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I’m getting your top image. What process did you use to get the second? I have never done this before, so any explanation will help.

I selected the polysurface, made sure the object properties panel was open. I then pressed the texture mapping button, followed by the Apply Planar Mapping button. I used the objects’ lower-left corner for the first click, the top-right for the second.

Was that clear enough?