Why is "Sweep 1" flipping some seemingly random beams the wrong direction?

201209_leaf_design_HELP.3dm (284.2 KB) 201209_Leaf_design_HELP.gh (44.0 KB)


I’m making a design for a light shaft, with window shaped as a leaf on top.

After creating a definition that generates the structural system, there is one thing I can’t figure out…

Using “sweep1” to create beams from a profile and some projected lines, some of the beams seem to be flipped on its head, and it seems completely random which ones it will be.

Is there someone that have an idea of what I may be doing wrong?? (sorry, I had issues internalizing the geometry…)

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I have aligned the curve frames.201209_Leaf_design_HELP_ME.gh (39.4 KB)

Thank you mark!! That helps very, very much.

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