Why is shaded view not shaded in layout v7

see attached, top view shaded, but in layout selecting the border of the detail pane and going view>shaded sees box remain wireframe.
No doubt user error but what have I missed ?
not shaded in layout.3dm (2.7 MB)


Hello-Make the detail active to change its display mode.


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then paste:


in command prompt.

Pascal thanks.
lander, if I ever remember all that code each time , perhaps make a button for it.


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:100: :blush:

I was looking at a similar post about this, and had to mod the code a bit. I do have this to test on a button. But I also was curious if pasting in the prompt would work hahah.

I always like thinking of ways to streamline the steps to be as simple as possible from the users’ perspective.

So, if you have this on a button it’s just two clicks! :smiley: