Why is Rhino 5 not performing well on my computer? [Read post for more info]

So I have an i7-6700 - GTX 980Ti - 16GB - Rhino installed on an SSD 850 evo - Windows 10
The problem is, although the computers runs smoothly, at times it gets slows using Rhino. Since I know I’m not overcharging my machine, I would like to know if there is anything I can do in order to optimise the Rhino settings or anything else that would help to make it run more smoothly.

many thanks

Perhaps explain what you mean by “slows using Rhino”.

  • Does the display get jerky?
  • Does the whole computer stutter?
  • Does Rhino freeze?
  • Does Windows freeze?

Hi Ludovica - can you describe in more detail what slows down or does not work? Is it in view navigation, selection, command completion? Does it happen in all files? In all display modes? Can you please post a screen shot of the Options > View >OpenGL page?



Not in all files, but in some it gets slow in performing actions such as view navigation (like zooming too), selection and command completition. At times it crashed, but it never froze and certainly windows didn’t froze. And yes, when things like this happen, it invovles other programs too such as illustrator, indesign etc.

here is the screen shot requested

See my answer below :slight_smile:

Hi Ludovica - The graphics driver is not old, but I bet there is a newer one available - I’d see about updating that. Does the problem show up if you do not the have other applications (InDesign, etc) running at the same time? It would be good to know what the difference is in the files affected - is it a matter of file size? Do you have Rhino plug-ins running, other than the ones that ship with Rhino - like a renderer, or CAM product etc.?