Why is my polyline pattern broken?

Hi, I’m having issues with a formula I input into Grasshopper in which I combined the formula for an elliptic cone with the method to produce epicyclic curves.
According to my own knowledge and consulting with my lecturer, the resultant pattern should be closed and not broken as shown in the pictures attached below.
I’ve tried adjusting the range and other parameters, but so far no success, and the polyline remains broken instead of continuous. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

PS: The formula I used for the elliptic cone is from this website: Elliptic Cone -- from Wolfram MathWorld

X & Y count slider = 147, Z=169. Both are different. Why?

Was trying to find out if the sider value had anything to do with the line being disjointed. Is it a cause of the disjointed line?

Without your definition, I have no idea…