Why is my object so little? (see pdf)


So on the papers of my teacher it says that I have to double click on the frame and edit the details: 1mm in layout is 1 centimeter in drawing, so I did that but my object is so little and I’m pretty sure that isn’t what he wants to see :confused:
I don’t get it??

1mm1cmproblem.pdf (267.1 KB)

What’s your page size? Model/Drawing rough size?

small object- centimeters

That’s not what I asked.
If you could just post the problem file, it’d make it a lot easier to help you.

Oh okay sorry I wasn’t sure, but though it was that what you asked…

Here is the file:
Tugba_opdracht3B.3dm (110.7 KB)

Your layout units are set to mm. If you draw a line in the layout with length 9.5 you will see that it is about the same length as the top edge of your blue object. In model space, that edge is about 9.5 cm.

All that just means that everything is correct; 1 mm on layout equals 1 cm in model.

As to why the object is so small - I really don’t know. Are you sure the teacher expects to see something else? Perhaps you went wrong some earlier step?

You have your model in CM and your layout in MM. So, your model is roughly 129mm x 129mm. Your paper size is A4 = 297mm x 210mm. 1mm on layout : 1cm in model means you’re downscaling your view 1:10 getting actual scale 1:1. All looks correct.

Maybe your model should be 10 times bigger? Maybe that’s not what teacher meant to ask you?

This is his example

naam_achternaam_oefening_herkansing_06.pdf (167.4 KB)

When I make it 10 times bigger, the object doesn’t fit properly, it’s to big than

this is the example of my teacher
naam_achternaam_oefening_herkansing_06.pdf (167.4 KB)

Do you have the instructions as well? What did you base the sizes that you used on?

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I based on the size of this file:
Deel3_RHINO.3dm (129.5 KB)

the white rectangle should be an image I inserted with pictureframe but it turned white? This is the image:

:smiley: Nee inderdaad niet …

Just Scale2D your drawing to factor of 3 or 4 and call it a day.

I did that and it looks good, hope it’s also okay for my teacher hehe, Thank you so much! :relaxed:

And thank you so much too Wim, I got it I think :relaxed:

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