Why is it not the same as the sample image?

Why is it not the same as the sample image?
someone please help me with !
thanks so much!

cloves lamp.gh (15.0 KB)
cloves lamp.3dm (1.6 MB)

Your question is very broad. I think you should try and narrow down the actual problem first. Figure out which step either isn’t doing what you think it should, or alternatively, the first step you do not understand. Then we can focus on that one thing.

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The logs running along it are not like patterns, something has happened
I’m want to make a lamp like the image below, you can only get an error that I am right?

Is this real life problem or do you need to learn the process of solving the issue for a credit?

I’m just learning advanced about grasshopper
not related to commercial matters

It’d probably help if you can write what you tried, what outcome you expected.
More information on what you want to achieve and how you failed will help others help you.

I’m trying to make the ‘curve’ curves as shown, but there is a mistake, so it’s bent horizontally.

It would be difficult to get a similar result as your reference image in the way you tried…

cloves lamp_re.gh (18.8 KB)


thank you! It seems I have gone in the wrong direction :frowning: