Why is are my text objects upside down?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been trying hours trying to find a solution how to extract the text objects along the surface.
I’ve been struggling for hours but I can’t find a proper solution to do so…

I used the textobject and used the command Flowalongsrf than clicked on the object which is the text object and made a rectangle surface than clicked on the surface (the surface is on subD)

Below is the image that shows the red means the solutions I need to fix since both the texts are not following the surface and orientation while the green is what I intend and want.

This is difficult to say without a Rhino file and a short description how you created the text.

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What do you not understand about the short description?

Ah ok, sorry. The command depends on where you click. So you’d have to click the same edge in the same corner on both reference and target surface.