Why is amplitude component not called magnitude instead?

Isn’t the correct term magnitude? While amplitude refers specifically to the height of a wave? Just curious.

Amplitude refers to direction. Magnitude refers to length. Seems either works the same. http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/math/ito_08/10AdditionalTrig/10LES4/vector_notate_n.pdf

Exactly Micheal, I don’t wanna be dense or anything less but it just seems odd to me that “amplitude” was chosen to describe “length”.

I was probably thinking about the usage of amplitude in quantum probability vectors, when I came up with that beauty, but that wouldn’t really be correct either.

It should probably just be called “length”. I may have avoided length since so many people think of vectors as line segments and length is a very ‘curvy’ property, but it’s not the job of that component to teach people that vectors aren’t lines.

There have been lots of really poor jargon decisions in GH1.
“Grips” don’t really describe what they’re for (should have been “plugs”).
“Branches” are topologically incorrect (should have been “twigs”).
“Parameters” are needlessly confusing (should have been “containers”).

I could go on.