Why I have all Rhino 4, 5 and 6 installed


It looks really strange, but I have to use all these versions of Rhino. Why?

Nowadays I use Rhino 4 only for splitting complex surfaces that Rhino 5 and 6 fail to do,

I use Rhino 5 as a main tool with some plugins, as T-splines for example…

And I use Rhino 6… I like some beautiful improvements but I cant finally migrate on Rhino 6 because it is not compatible with some older plugins and fails in splitting complex surfaces.

Here is an example of surfaces that can be splitted in V4 and not in V5-6. splitting troubles.3dm (8.8 MB) if someone is interested.

well, that`s why I have all Rhino 4, 5 and 6 installed :smirk:

Hi Vlad,

If this worked in v4 and doesn’t in v6 then there is obviously room for improvement from McNeel.

In the meantime, if it helps, you can make it work in v6 by rebuilding the largest part of the dish with higher point counts (it splits with U=80 and v=40 but it may be worth experimenting to see how low you can go).

I’m sorry but Discourse isn’t letting me upload a revised model right now - I hope the description is clear enough.


Possibly because the file is now 200Mb instead of 8Mb… Here’s a screencap instead

Well, thank you, Jeremy! Yeah, I know that any complex surface can be rebuilt, and this is, I guess, the only way to split this surface in V5-6. But sometimes rebuilding is not a tool of the choice because of its influence into shape of the surface. When the task is to split and join many surfaces like this one you see the rebuilding in not good. You will not be able to join a lot of separately rebuilt surfaces, you will see lots of naked edges… That`s why i have to use an old good V4 for that kind of operations. It saves me lots of time…

I wish someday Rhino team is going to fix trim/split engine in a future version of Rhino (maybe 7?:wink:)

I have a lot of nostalgia for v4… (aka My First Rhino)

If you have it, it would be helpful to see the ‘splitting troubles’ model with the objects as they are immediately after you have split them in v4, to contrast them with the v6 result. There might be clues there for McNeel too.

Here it is - normally splitted in V4 without any rebuilding.
splitting troubles_v4_splitted.3dm (13.7 MB)

in order to reduce a file size I made a shrink of trimmed surfaces.

Hi Vlad - thanks for the example - Intersect (& Split, etc) works in V6 if you use InsertKnot on the revolved surface with the Automatic option, two or three times.



Welldone, Pascal! :+1::grinning: Thanks to you I`m going to deinstall Rhino V4 right now!)))
Thank you very much for your help!

Small UPD: in V6 it works, but in V5 doesnt work..:thinking: Tried different numbers of adding knots "but nothing works, the outlooks grim, I go to yoga, cry and swim"…

Hi Vlad,

It works in V5 provided you add V direction knots to the rings and cap as well as the dish. You need to add the same number to each in order to be able to rejoin the four parts. I think I had four knots in total in the U direction on the dish and 8 knots in total in the V direction on each of the four parts.