Why i don´t get full components on IVY plug in?

I´ve downloaded IVY 0.92 (bc the newest version when i got installed grasshopper shwed up a window saying it´s not supported this version, altought with 0.92 worked).

Following the basic mesh unroll tutorials there is a component called MeshGraph Unroll, i got the component but it is not the sames as the tutorial (see image circled on blue) or any video related with this component.

This what i got on mine (see image circled on red)

The tutorial that i´ve watched it´s from 4 years ago, and there is only two version of IVY plug in the latest one it was released at the beggining of this year…so it couldn´t be that reason (i supposed).

tutorial: https://vimeo.com/154015548

The thing it is not the first time that happened soemthing similar, it happened with some components on Kangaroo as well, so it´s kind of frustrating that i´m learning based on tutorial and then find out that at hte end the component required doesn´t exist or showed up!

I appreciate your help!!

thanks in advance