Why Fillet doesn't work?

I’m trying to fillet two lines to join them on their edge.

This is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/25r1xpfh8li8bk0/why.3dm?dl=0
In Rhino Windows 5 SR10 it doesn’t work, the red lines won’t join in the corner.

The same file works fine in Rhino Mac 5.0 beta:

In doubt, I used _SetPt to lay all lines on the same Y level. But doesn’t solve the problem.

Any advice? Thanks

It’s working over here.

I used Fillet with Radius=0 Trim=Yes Join=Yes.

but I dont know what your Absolute Tolerance is?

Wow, same tolerance, but I’m working in millimeters.

Jordy, looks like you’re on Rhino 4.
I’m on Rhino 5 SR10, latest update, can it be the difference?

No I’m using: Version 5 SR11

Also tried with 0.001 in millimeters. Also working.

Maybe try the service release candidate?

Works fine here, V5 SR11 RC…

Note that as an alternative to using Fillet 0 to do this, you can use the Connect command…


Helvetosaur, yes I know, but I’m used this tool…