Why duplicate grasshopper commands in Pt?

there is some raison to have some command in Pt that seems the same of grasshopper?
if I divide a curve by nnumber i obtain the same result using both commands. So why duplicate it? It is creating confusion to me…

The Curve tab in PT-GH offer many ways to divide a curve. For clarity and completeness, I opted to add the divide by number to the list. You can use either PT-GH or native GH Divide and get same result.

Hi Raja,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve tried a lot of grasshopper plugins, and I’ve found that many of them are merely some cluster of primary grasshopper function. I love your plugin, but my thought is that repeating native grasshopper commands inside grasshopper plugins create only confusion; but that just my opinion of course.

Thank you for your excellent work,


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