Why don't have any version Grasshopper Sandbox

Hi team,
May be my question can be is stupid, but can I ask any reason why Grasshoper don’t have any version can open without Rhino ? I saw some big deal with some people want do it.

Is it limited in terms of technology or for any other reason that cannot be done or it cannot happen, I’m very curious about this.

Any help appreciate !

Grasshopper is build on top of Rhino; that’s why you still need Rhino around. We could make it so Grasshopper’s user interface is displayed without the Rhino window visible, but then you wouldn’t see any visual results of what you build on the Grasshopper canvas.

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Using rhino.inside it is possible to implement grasshopper within you own application.

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Yes, but we still need install Rhino.

Do we have any plan to implement a sandbox ? Thank you for your anwser.

I don’t know what a sandbox is in the context of your question. Could you elaborate?

My sandbox meaning is it as a installer application, the user can open like grasshoper.exe to use direct without Rhino, they can freedom use like a software or intergrate with another software and add more custom by developer

Hi -

I can only rephrase what was already said. Grasshopper is a plug-in that is build on top of Rhino and completely relies on Rhino. Making it run without Rhino.exe would just mean that “Rhino” needs to be included in the Grasshopper.exe. So, no, there is not going to be a standalone Grasshopper.

From Wikipedia, in computing, a sandbox is an isolated area where a program can be executed with a restricted portion of the resources available. Running a program in a sandbox can prevent it from doing any damage to the system.

That’s something quite different than your understanding of the concept.

Grasshopper 2 has a “Sandbox” mode:

But, again, that does not mean that Grasshopper 2 can run without Rhino.

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Thanks you for your help. If we want open grasshopeer without Rhino and accept with some limit feature like visual Geoemetry or another, whether we have more limit about kernel or big limit relate to geometry connect because it build on top of Rhino, so it can be achive in future if we want do it ?


Thank you, I saw a post have same idea with me here. I’m not alone, but I think it never happen.

Grasshopper is a GUI for simplifying Rhino scripting. It is more relying of Rhino code as most users think it is. Almost any component is using Rhinocommon. Removing or replacing it, is not only a huge effort, it is also pointless. I agree, that you can create this GUI independently, but by the time it was created, the world was a different one. Btw, David Cockey was likely posting this thread, because a lot of “newer” GH users seems to have no clue about Rhino, and constantly spoiling the forum with problems, a person could solve with a minimum knowledge about Rhino and surface modelling. Maybe this is Grasshoppers biggest flaw in design, its too much diverging from Rhino in its design and “language”. You can, but you should not ignore Rhino at all.

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Think of Grasshopper as your skin and Rhino as your body.

You CAN rip off only the skin, but the skin alone won’t be very useful…

So no, it will never happen that Grasshopper will run without Rhino because Grasshopper IS Rhino (under the “skin”).