Why doesn't this boolean work?

yes faces, there is a difference in gh between polysurface (brep) faces and brep. Brep faces are individual surfaces, Breps are a collection of faces as the whole.



I suppose I can get more specific in the description, but at least now you know why. Sometimes as developing you forget the user doesn’t always know Rhinocommons terminology.

That’s a lot of mumbo-jumbo to offset a bunch of tangent faces joined together…
Why is it such a hair-pulling contest to do that in GH when it is a snap in Rhino ?

Making solids in Gh is really darn complicated because of that, and also because there isn’t the “Two sides” option, nor the “make solid” option.
That’s why I wanted to use your tool, but this time, it failed because of tolerance and my geometry being far from the origin.

Not blaming you or anything, but damned ! this is really gruelling.

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i don’t disagree :smiley:

but the method I posted above is what Rhino uses to offset the polysurfaces as connected. I chose not to incorporate it because I don’t yet want to alienate the Rhino 5 users. I think parakeet plug-in which is for Rhino 6 has the offset brep as a component already if you rather not go the c# route.

it failed because of tolerance and my geometry being far from the origin.

I think my component would not work for what you want to do either way.

No - as I posted above, after moving to the origin it still fails, after tweaking tolerance it still fails.

Trouble is it does work some of the time. And when it does it is useful. Any chance you could explain what makes the difference?

If it works then it is a surprise to me, the method I am using does not keep faces together. Or maybe you are talking about the boolean in which case you will have to ask McNeel team.

This is the method I use, for Brep Faces (Not Brep as a whole)

The use of it in my component is so you can create geometry like the following from breps, offsets of the faces for making node like geometry.

The other advantage of why I use brepface instead of surface offset from rhinocommon is that I can use trim data for things like holes, surface offset will ignore trim data.

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