Why doesn't "-1" work as an input for "Split List" index?

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It would be nifty to directly have the last item (like after sorting to find the longest curve for example) and also all the others in a separate list.

use the list item component.

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Or use Python, there list slicing works. The Split List doesn’t do slicing in that sense.

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Hi Tom, thanks, I had heard about that “List Item” component :wink:

Here’s the issue :

Hi Nathan,

Thanks, I’ll keep that in the back of my mind for when I’ll have time to do Pyton scripting.
Let’s say my question is more like a wish for “Split list” to accept the negative indexes.

Here, to help remedy the required effort of writing code (2 lines of real action):

Split List using Python Slices.ghuser (2.4 KB)

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You can also use the list length component and an expression of x-1 ( or a subtraction component with 1) to split the list at the last item:

…which is what I did

@DavidRutten ; I am mostly wondering why “-1” doesn’t work with Split.
If there’s no valid reason, then I guess it should be implemented, for consistency.

I would agree that it should ‘wrap’ if a negative index is supplied.