Why does V-ray makes this smooth shape all serrated?

Hello everybody.

I was trying to render this shape but the outcome is really upsetting. Do you know why does this happen? I tried converting the solid into a mesh but nothing really changes. Any Suggestions?

Which vray are you using, if 6, send me the 3dm, I will check it out.

You might also want to ask on the Rhino VRay forum on the chaos website.

V-Ray Test.3dm (5.9 MB)

is your geometry far off the world origin maybe?

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ah, yes it is…

try moving it. I don’t use Vray so I can’t confirm

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Hi @Alfred_Peci
It has nothing to do with V-ray. It’s a limitation found in many 3D programs and it’s because your shape is 725 km’s away from the world center in meters (that’s 725.000 meters). When your coordinates are that big - using the majority of the available digits just to get “out there” - the precision of the mesh shown on screen suffers. Move your geometry closer to 0,0,0 and all is well.

HTH, Jakob

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WOW!! Thanks a lot to everybody. I didn’t know the distance from origin was a thing. I was working with a Geo-referenced file so this is why everything was far away. Again, thanks a lot it works :slight_smile:

There is a feature in V-Ray called “use_scene_offset”, that attempts to fix the problem. That will make the raytracing somewhat correct, but the geometry will still suffer from precision loss. The feature is ON for production renders. For interactive we print a waring in the VFB log window: