Why does the fillet in this model fail?

(Alex) #1

Hi guys,
I created this base NURBE using T-Spline (I converted it to Rhino NURBS). As you see, there are some annoying seams that cause problem when I want to fillet the edges. Is it possible to delete these seams I marked in the image? Please explain the procedure.
Thank you.

(John Brock) #2

I would try MergeFace, but it might not work. You may have to detach the trim curves, do some merging or surface replacing to get the surfaces out of Harm’s way, and re-trim it.

Another approach might be to use the Pipe command with the fillet radius you want to Trim back the surfaces, then use Sweep2 to build the edge surfaces.

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Alex - hard to say without the model but I suspect the problem lies in the shallow angle of the seams you are complaining about to the edges you are filleting - the result would require a fillet to jump across a seam and attach to a surface that is not attached to the edge selected, at least not at that location. That is a weakness in FilletEdge but it is not too hard to work around - the required surfaces may be there but not trimmed in or not trimmed to each other - you can see better in wireframe display modes. At any rate, you may or may not need a few doses of FilletSrf to fill in - post the object and someone can take a look.


(Alex) #4

Guys, I provided the Rhino file you asked. This file contains two objects. I want to fillet the hard edges in both objects. Please guide me. If it’s possible, please show the steps through snapshots. Thank you.
a.3dm (1.4 MB)

(Alex) #5

Thank you. I provided the link.

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Alex - for now, just the instructions:

FilletEdge, get all the contiguous edges on one object at once, .05 radius (say).
Let it complete, switch to wireframe.
You can see that is built all of the surfaces but was not able to trim them into the starting object or to each other in all cases. I suspect this is due to all the edges being close but not quite tangent to one another. At any rate your task will be to use the end edges of the fillets to trim the next one where they overlap.
When all the fillets are trimmed to each other, Join, DupBorder, and then use the border curves, both at once, to trim off the corner/edge of the solid- then Join.
a_PG.3dm (736.9 KB)


(Alex) #7

Thank you very much. I got it.